Carburetor Spacer Kit HS2 HS4, Part# 031940, $45.95

Fits HS-2 & HS-4 SU Carbs.  The spacer raises the fuel level in the float bowel and the jet assembly.  This allows for availability of fuel closer to the top of the jet assembly at the upper end of the rev band especially in 2nd and 3rd gear. Proven in racing. Instructions Included.

HS-2 HS-4 Carburetor Spacer Kit

Carburetor Spacer Kit H-Series, Part# 031946, $45.95

Fits H-Series SU Carbs.  Performs the same function as described in item above.  Proven in racing.  British Leyland found that this was the way to keep the MGA Twin Cam alive. Instructions Included.

H-Series SU Carburetor Spacer Kit

Adapter Standoff, Part# 031945, $23.95

This part has been unavailable for many years.  Replaces corroded heater valve extension on TRIUMPH TR-6, 250. Instructions Included.

Triumph TR-6 heater valve extension standoff

Aluminum Tappet Cover, Part# 031942, $51.95

A source of many oil leaks on MGA & MGB engines are the tappet cover side plates.  This all solid aluminum plate replaces the front and rear covers.  Supplied with longer bolts and seals.  The brushed finish adds a racer look. Instructions Included.


MGA MGB Aluminum tappet cover side plate

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